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LE vélo STAR is a free access system to bikes in the town of Rennes.
83 stations and more than 900 bikes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to use LE vélo STAR ?

2 membership programs: annual membership program or a short time use program

You’re staying in Rennes for a long time: become an annual member

You’re in Rennes just for a few days or you prefer to use LE vélo Star occasionally?

How to subscribe

• The Shop LE vélo STAR located 8 rue du Maréchal Joffre, Rennes
• On the Internet :

• At LE vélo Star stations equipped with a bank terminal
(10 stations that you will find in orange on the map)
• On the Internet :

What you need

• A KorriGo card*
• Completed membership form
• Check or credit card
• A check for the deposit or a bank authorisation with your IBAN (bank references)

• A credit card

How you can pay

• Check or credit card

• Credit card


Membership fee: 22€ for STAR’s clients. 33€ for others

Each time you borrow a bike, the first 30 minutes are free, then:

• From 30 min to 1h : 1 €
• From 1h to 2h : 2 €
• From 2h to 3 h : 3 €
• From 3h to 6 h : 10 €
• From 6 h to 10 h : 24 €
• From 10 h to 24 h : 48 €

Membership fee: 1€ for 24h and 5€ for a week

Each time you borrow a bike, the first 30 minutes are free, then:

• From 30 min to 1h : 1 €
• From 1h to 2h : 2 €
• From 2h to 3 h : 3 €
• From 3h to 6 h : 10 €
• From 6 h to 10 h : 24 €
• From 10 h to 24 h : 48 €

The time credit

• Time Credit: minimum 5€ or more if you want. You can credit your time with 5€ increments.

• Your bank account is directly debited according to your uses (after you exceed the first 30 minutes). 

The deposit

• 150€ deposit (which will not be cashed) by check, credit card (swiped but not debited) or debit authorization with your IBAN (bank references). If you subscribe by internet, your credit card imprint will be keep for 12 days. After 12 days, you need to furnish a check or debit authorization with your IBAN

• 150€ deposit. Your credit card will be swiped but not debited. The credit card imprint is kept for 12 days.

* To get you’re “KorriGo” card (free delivery for the first card), go to the STAR agency, 12 rue du Pré Botté, Rennes. Opens internal link in current windowThe STAR agency

Easy ! 

Once you have joined the membership, you can enjoy the facilities as much as you like:

  • You go to the bike station
  • You follow the instructions to borrow the bike
  • You use the bike freely for the first 30 minutes
  • Then you drop it off at whichever other station that suits you
  • If you wish, you can take a new one immediately


Every station has its own information terminal. To take or leave a bike, you only need to follow the instructions at the terminal.

For the annual members, the bike borrowing is done with the card “KorriGo” and a personal pin-code with 4 digits.

For the occasional members, the bike borrowing is made with your credit card, directly at the stations with banking terminals (10 stations that you can find in orange on the map)

You will get a 6 digit login and a 4 digit code, which will be only yours.

Aditional !

LE vélo STAR stations are close to the underground, the bus (STAR), the train (TER) or coaches (Illenoo).
It enables you to use every possible public transport very easily.

Join LE vélo STAR and get some fresh air!


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